Free Procreate Brushes: My Top 5 Picks

Here are some of my favourite FREE Procreate brushes and why I like them. I’m still a beginner in Procreate so most of these I feel are great essentials to have. 🙂 These are listed in no particular order and am so very thankful for the creators listed who generously share these brush sets for free.

How to download from Gumroad and import into Procreate?

1. Lauren Illustration Duo Brush Pack

Why I like this? Simple brush that is great for sketching and doing line art. If you like the textured line art style where it’s soft and feels like you’re drawing with a colour pencil then you should try this.

Where to get it:

2. Matt’s Sketching Procreate Brush Set Ver1.1

Why I like this? Really great watercolor brushes especially if you want to do more detailed watercolor works (I like using Matt’s watercolor OPAC & thin). Mateusz Urbanowicz has a few other brush sets too and some tutorials for traditional watercolor painting.

Where to get it:

3. Tuhis Brush Set

Why I like this? Honestly some of the best watercolor brushes are in this set. I really enjoy using Helvi Wash, Helvi Glaze, and Miso Water. You get 23 brushes in this set and it’s a really good variety of brushes, so incredibly generous of Tuhis.

Where to get it:

4. TSU Foliage Brush Set 1

Why I like this? Nice starter set for foliage rendering especially if you’re doing background scenes. This is the set I downloaded to try and I really liked it. If you go to TSU’s gumroad page, they also have a few other brush sets for free or €1.

Where to get it:

5. Jingsketch Procreate Brushes: Basic 10

Why I like this? Probably the best beginner set to have if you are just starting out in Procreate and don’t really enjoy the default brushes. The set comes with sketch brushes, paint brushes, soft brushes, and smudge brushes.

Where to get it:

How to download from Gumroad and import into Procreate?

In Gumroad, to get it for free you simply type in $0 and “add to cart”. It will take you to the checkout page where you can key in your email address and you will get the download link.

Once you click download (on the ipad), if you don’t have the option to open in Procreate.. just save it to your files. From files, long press on the name.brushset and click share.

Look for Procreate, click and it will auto import the brushset into Procreate.

if you can’t find it, swipe to the end of the list of apps and click on “more” (three dots). Then scroll down and look for Procreate.

Another option is to just go into Procreate, open a new canvas, click on your brush library, click the + sign at the top right, on the top right of the drawing pad you should see the Import option. Look for the brushset file from whichever folder you saved it in on your ipad and import it. It should work also. 🙂

Happy drawing!