[Mini Review] PerySmith Handheld Garment Steamer (PS210)

Stumbled upon the PerySmith live stream on TikTok and saw this garment steamer on sale for RM89 with free shipping. On their website & official Shopee page it’s listed for RM159.

To be very honest I’ve never heard of this brand and it felt very “as seen on TV” type, or maybe more accurately it’s only sold online. So it very well could be a local company pushing a USA branding, since it only says the brand is trademarked in the US but not that the product is made in the US. So I honestly can’t vouch for the quality or aftersales service since it’s my first time buying anything from this brand. Anyway, for that price I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try since I needed one for some of my more delicate fabrics & pleated skirts which are a pain to iron normally.


  • Dry mode for synthetic fabrics
  • 2 level of steam modes for silk and cotton fabrics
  • 650g weight
  • 1.3m cord length
  • 90° adjustable handle
  • 120ml water tank capacity (2-3 clothes), visible water tank so you can see when the water runs out

I received it 5 days after ordering through TikTok shop.

The product was shipped in a cardboard box with no bubble wrap. Product feels ok, not too heavy. It’s supposed to be 650g so yes there’s weight but it doesn’t feel too bad. Doesn’t feel flimsy, quality seems nice. It came with a base for the iron and a plastic measuring cup to measure the water and pour into the tank. The base I believe can be used 2 ways, upside down like in the photo below you can use it when storing the iron. Flip it right side up and it’s meant for you to place your iron while steaming.

First Impressions

I tested it twice on two items of clothing I had which were very wrinkled and the results were great. It didn’t take long to steam out the wrinkles so I’m pretty happy with the results. And so far there were no water dripping issues.

image of wrinkled clothes before and after using the garment steamer
After 2 passes of the steamer on “silk, low steam” mode over a patch of wrinkles

I found the touchscreen interface not very intuitive to use. The garment steamer has a touchscreen panel and you need to hold the on/off button for ~1 sec to get it to start. Then to select which mode to use, you tap the on/off button again (not the mode button!) to cycle through the options. Once the selected options stop blinking, you tap the “mode” button to start the steam. Took me a while to figure it out even after reading the instruction manual. Here’s a short video to show you how to get the PerySmith handheld garment steamer to work:

The cord, to me, is kinda short. I wish it was longer. It’s only 1.3m long so you have to stand closer to the power outlet. Thankfully I had a clothes hanger from IKEA so I used that to hang my clothes to steam.

The water tank capacity is 120ml, so you can steam around 2-3 clothes. I think this is fine, any bigger and the overall steamer will be very heavy. Only thing is the indicator is on the plastic measuring cup and not the steamer tank itself, so you need the plastic beaker to measure the right amount of water.


  • Not too heavy, great for quickly steaming clothes with delicate fabrics
  • Takes about 35s to heat up
  • Doesn’t drip water (so far)
  • Can also be used on the ironing board like a normal steam iron
  • Handle can be swiveled 90° for ease of use
  • I suppose you can travel with it since it’s around the size of a regular hair dryer


  • Touchscreen takes some getting used to
  • Hard to measure right amount of water without the measuring cup
  • Cord is short

Final Thoughts

Overall I am happy with the purchase, it does what it’s intended to do. Only time will tell if it’s durable or not. I think for now it’s worth getting at the discounted price, for the full price I think there are other more reputable brands out there in the same price range. Warning: If you’ve never used a garment steamer before, be warned that you can burn yourself if you place your hands behind the fabric! Always keep your free hand away from the steamer (the steam will go through the fabric and burn you). I usually just hold the bottom of the clothes to keep it steady when steaming the top.

PerySmith Handheld Garment Steamer (PS210)

Price: RM159, bought on sale for RM89

Official page: https://perysmith.com.my/product/perysmith-handheld-garment-steamer-ps210/

Official Shopee Mall Store (item was sold out at time of review): https://shopee.com.my/perysmith

Official TikTok Channel: https://www.tiktok.com/@perysmith_my