Vaccination experience at Bukit Jalil Stadium PPV

I’ve been waiting for my vaccination appointment since Feb 2021 when I completed my vaccination registration in the MySejahtera app. I finally got my appointment on the 8th of July 2021 and my vaccination location was the National Stadium at Bukit Jalil KL.

Since my appointment time was at 9am, I arrived at the car park around 8.40am. Plenty of parking space was available and helpful volunteers will inform you where to park and where to walk to. Before entering the parking lot, you will need to show the volunteers your MySejahtera app with the vaccination appointment details. It’s just for them to guide you to the right parking area. Since my health facility (station) was HCO C, I parked at Car Park B which is closer to the entrance of HCO C. From my experience, I believe Car Park C is closer to the exit of HCO C.

There are plenty of signboards around so no need to worry about getting lost. Plenty of volunteers at every section to help guide you as well.

Just remember to UPDATE your MySejahtera profile so it shows the current date. You do this by updating the “COVID-19 Status” and then refreshing your profile. Once updated, show it to the volunteers at the entrance. They will then guide you to follow the right path.

Only the person with the vaccination appointment is allowed to go in, those accompanying will have to wait outside. And yes, do bring an umbrella if the weather looks gloomy. The entire walk to and from the station is mostly not shaded or covered.

When you finally reach the entrance to your station, you will need to scan the MySejahtera QR code to check in and then you will be given two consent forms to fill up INSIDE. So just check in, grab the forms, and walk into the stadium.

Once inside the stadium, there will be volunteers and arrows to guide you. I had to walk down the steps and move to the left to get to the entrance of the station tent.

You’ll also notice the signs indicating which vaccination you will be getting here. In my case, there were Sinovac signs on the door and inside. Once inside, a volunteer will staple a waiting number to your consent forms and usher you to a seat. On the seat there will be a clipboard and a pen for you to fill up the forms. A volunteer will approach you to guide you on how to fill up the form. They do provide pens but bring a spare pen just in case and remember to fill up BOTH forms but don’t sign yet. You will sign it after consultation with the doctor.

Once your number appears on the screen, just go to the counter indicated to register. There will be a QR code on the table for you to “check in” for your appointment (click on the link under the vaccination page in MySejahtera to scan the QR code). They will ask for your IC and confirm your details before asking you to move on to the next station for consultation. I only had to wait a few minutes for my turn, it was pretty fast.

At the consultation station, volunteers will usher you to a seat and will also update you on where to go. In groups of 3 we had a doctor explain the type of vaccine we would be getting and also the doctor asked about our medical history. If all good, he will sign and stamp on the consent form and gets you to sign too. If there are issues, you will be asked to wait a while to speak personally to the doctor to be sure you consent to taking the vaccine. Here is where you can ask or raise any concerns you have and they will advise you accordingly.

Once you have signed the consent forms, you move on to station 4 where you take a seat outside the “rooms” and wait your turn to get the jab. The doctor will check if you know which vaccine you are getting, they will show you the syringe and inform you on the dosage to be administered (0.5ml). Then they will proceed to give you the jab.

I personally have no problems with injections so it was painless to me. Only a slight prick and then I was done. You will then be asked to open your MySejahtera app and go to the vaccination page. There will be a link to scan a QR code that will record the vaccine batch. And then I was asked to use my normal camera to take a picture of the A4 paper with the vaccine information for my own record.

Once done you then move to the last station which is the observation area. The volunteer will inform you to put your consent form into a basket located at a certain booth. Mine was booth 90. You will be told to just drop off your consent form in the basket and then take a seat and wait for your number to be called. This process only took a few minutes too. Once your number is called, you will be given your vaccination card with the 2nd appointment date and then you will be asked to take a seat and wait till the given time before you may leave. You need to bring the consent form and the vaccination card back during the second appointment. The end time of your observation period will be written on your copy of the consent form so don’t worry if you forget what time you can leave. It’s about 15mins of observation for normal cases. Anyone who doesn’t feel well will be taken by wheelchair to the back where there is a makeshift clinic.

Once your observation is done, you can proceed to leave (at the exit doors they will check the consent form for the time to confirm you can leave) and I was given a stack of Watsons vouchers and a bottle of water. Outside the station tent there will be some photobooths where you can take pics to commemorate your first vaccination dose. There’s no one there to help take pictures, so you have to rely on one another. There was another lady waiting in line with me and we helped each other take pics. 🙂

Overall it was a wonderful experience. My appointment was at 9am, I was registered and waiting by 8.50am. Had my jab at 9.20am, and left at 9.35am. The volunteers were friendly and helpful, it was quite cold inside the station tent (airconditioned), and there were plenty of seats at the waiting areas. I had to walk quite a bit back to my car tho, as mentioned earlier Car Park B is closer to the entrance of HCO C. So when I exited the station, I was over at Car Park C. Anyway, am looking forward to completing my vaccination. With 6-7k daily cases, I hope we all get vaccinated asap.