Updated leather key & access card holder

So previously I tried making a leather key & card holder to replace my previous bulky one. I wrote about it here: https://mydaintydreams.com/making-a-key-card-holder-free-template/

After using it for a while, I realized the leather I used was too soft and so it was hard to use on a daily basis. I then tried to make another version but this time using a full grain vegetable tanned leather and I also bought a solid brass 6-key spring clip to hold my keys. I bought a 12 x 12 panel of brown full grain veg tan leather for RM45, and the brass spring clip was RM15… these were from a seller on Shopee called kelangleather.

Here’s how it turned out, I’m quite happy with the results and have been using this everyday. The only thing I would have done differently is to make the flap shorter so that it’s tighter. Completely slipped my mind that leather stretches over time. Would have preferred to have a tighter closure over the keys to stop them from shifting around so much.

Was a bit tricky to sew after adding the brass 6-key spring clip
Front look. Should have made the flap shorter to make it a tighter fit
Back look with the same cut out for the access card
Completed look!

Was much nicer working with veg tanned leather. I did use Tokonole to slick the flesh side of the leather as well as to finish the edges for a neater look. Overall this design works great for me and the leather feels really nice. 🙂