Reusable produce bags

I’m sure there are cheaper ways to get reusable mesh produce bags for grocery shopping (mostly online because it’s hard to get them in stores in Malaysia), but I wanted to try “making” my own anyway. 🙂

I say “making” because technically all I did was repurpose mesh laundry bags as produce bags. Easy peasy. 

I bought laundry net/ bags from Daiso (RM5.57 each) and choose the smallest rectangle size I could find. These were 24cm x 28cm. I then got some plastic card holders from Popular for RM0.40 each.

DAISO Laundry net / bags & clear card holders

I wanted the mesh bags to have a proper place for the price sticker that I can easily remove. Hence the plastic card holders. I was hoping to find synthetic leather fabric or coated fabric for this but couldn’t find any. The next cheapest option was this.

I then hand stitched the card holders onto the front of the bags, leaving the opening free in case I ever want to slot labels in it for other purposes.

DAISO laundry net repurposed as grocery / produce bags

Done! 🙂 Simple and now I can reduce using the plastic bags they provide at grocery stores for produce.

I tested it in Jaya Grocer and it worked great. At the weighing station, I put the items directly on the scale without the bag. Once weighed and priced, I then put the items into the bag and ask the worker to place the sticker on the card holder.

DIY reusable produce bags

I’m happy with how this turned out. I could easily remove the sticker from the plastic card holder, it only left a little glue residue. Without the plastic card holder, it would be hard for the price tag to stick onto the mesh.

Total cost: RM5.57 + RM0.40 = RM5.97 each

The laundry nets are still plastic but at least it’s not single use and from my experience using these when doing my laundry, they are very durable. I can see myself using this for a long long time. Next step is to find some cotton mesh fabric to make more produce bags.