Plant Diaries #3 – bye bye dead plants, hello new ones!

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Update before the year ends. Here’s to a greener 2020… *fingers crossed*

Pothos / Money Plant (in water)

Pothos 1 has been doing very well, am super in love with pothos 1. Pothos 2 was not doing so well with some leaves turning yellow, so I cut it up and am currently propagating them in water with plans to move them to soil once the roots have developed nicely. Pothos 3 has also been growing very well lately.

pothos in water
Pothos 1
propagating pothos in water
Pothos 2 – Chopped up each individual stem and am currently propagating them in this small container
Pothos 3

Pothos / Money Plant (in soil)

As mentioned in my last plant diary update, I’m testing pothos planted in soil. It’s been surviving so far and putting out new leaves (though the leaves are kinda small), am hoping it will grow some bigger leaves soon.

Pothos 4

Snake Plant / Mother-in-law’s Tongue ( Sansevieria trifasciata)

I’m a bit worried about my snake plants. Some of the clusters have been getting wrinkly and getting brown spots. Am considering to change the soil because it’s currently very compacted, not sure how I should proceed yet.

Spider Plant

All dead. No more spider plants for me now. Thank you, next!

Ajuga Mona Lavender ( Plectranthus )

Also dead. RIP. 🙁 After the last struggle with mealy bugs, it ended up infested with scales too. Just could not recover and slowly withered away.

Hello new victims plants!

Before Christmas my mom gave me an aloe vera and a pandan plant (screwpine) that are now on my balcony to maximize the sunlight they can get. I also have another pothos cutting (marble queen?) propagating in water, and I bought 3 lucky bamboos from Ikea in lieu of the upcoming Chinese New Year. Unfortunately while bringing the lucky bamboos home, a piece of the top leaves broke off. I’ve put it in water and after one week I’m seeing teeny-tiny roots growing out. YAY. So hopefully by CNY I’ll have a baby lucky bamboo shoot. 🙂

aloe vera and pandan
Aloe vera & Pandan plants (thanks mom!)
New pothos cutting
lucky bamboo
lucky bamboo