Organizing my collection of tea and coffee sachets

Had some spare time over the weekend to organize my collection of tea (loose tea leaves and sachets of tea bags) and coffee sachets. Normally I just dump them all into a container and dig it out when I need it.

Took a breather over the weekend amidst the WFH madness to organize my stash… though there were some sachets of tea bags (Tazo tea) that were from over 10 years ago (lol) I still kept it for nostalgia reasons. I should throw them out later on.

I also had a packet of Purple Cane loose green tea leaves that were a gift from a good friend which I finally stored properly into some tea leaf containers I bought from Japan.

Stored loose green tea leaves into these cute tea containers from Japan.
(L) Sachets of tea organized by colour
(R) Mix bag of tea and coffee sachets

Super satisfying to see everything nicely organized. I’ve been having tea in the mornings now before I start my work and it’s been a nice form of stress relief. I also have a box of Chinese tea leaves that were a gift from my neighbor. Have ordered a Chinese teapot and some tea cups online and am patiently waiting for those to arrive so that we can have Chinese tea during dinner times. 🙂