My easy go-to meal prep yummy cabbage salad (great for work!)

Been making this every week as a simple but nutritious lunch to pack and bring to work. The base salad is made of shredded cabbage, sliced cucumbers, and shredded carrots. My favorite dressing is KEWPIE’s roasted sesame dressing. Love the nutty flavor it adds to the salad.

Packed salad lunch for work

I categorize my salad into 4 sections: Base, Toppings, Protein, Dressing.

The Base is what I usually won’t change because I like it that way and it is the main bulk of the salad. At most I would switch the cabbage with another leafy green like romaine lettuce or spinach.

The Toppings are what I feel gives the salad some “personality” lol. I change this depending on what I have in my fridge or what I’m in the mood for. Usually it’s bite sized veg, nuts, and/or fruits.

The Protein is added to help me feel full until dinner time. Usually for me this is egg, chicken fillet, or tuna.

The Dressing ties it all together. My current fav is roasted sesame dressing. I’m not really a sour dressing type of person, but I think I wouldn’t mind trying dressings made with greek yogurt. 🙂

On Sundays I prep everything and store individually in my fridge. On week day nights I assemble my salad into a glass container and pour dressing into a small reusable plastic container. I bring it to work the next day in a cooler bag. Easy peasy! 

Base: Sliced cabbage, sliced quartered cucumbers, shredded carrots
Toppings: Sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onions
Protein: Soft boiled eggs (I boil for 6.5 minutes to get a medium runny yolk), a few slices of chicken fillet
Dressing: Roasted sesame

Assembling the salad

Yum! ♥