Msia has 5k daily COVID-19 cases…

Who knew when people were joking about #RoadTo5k it really came true. We’ve had two days of close to 6k daily cases reported. Apparently Selangor has the highest cases due to backlog of tests. MCO 2.0 was extended to 4th Feb, we’re all still waiting for official announcements on what happens after 4th Feb but so far the gov has hinted that they will not be continuing with MCO (

Personally I think the gov has been having a difficult time balancing public health vs the economy. This MCO 2.0 is not as strict as the first MCO, rules are more relaxed and many industries are allowed to apply to operate. So while the first MCO flattened the curve at the expense of the economy, it looks like this MCO 2.0 is not able to flatten the curve and also not helping the economy. If we go back to CMCO after 4th Feb with interstate/district travel allowed and dine-in allowed…it’s scary to think about how cases will explode with the upcoming CNY. Already our hospitals are reaching maximum capacity, quarantine centers are full… I can’t imagine what will happen if cases continue to surge (

I’ve been continuing to work from home, awaiting PM’s announcement and my company’s HR directives. My company is very keen on having all of us back in the office, even though we work perfectly fine from home. On a day to day basis, we don’t feel restricted. We can still go to the park to exercise, we go out to buy food, grocery, etc. We did stop visiting our parents just to be safe as they are all above 60 years old and in the higher risk group. Everywhere I go people are still following the SOPs.. mask on at all times, MySejahtera check-ins at every location, and temperature scans. Most retail shops are pretty strict about this. Some grocery stores limit number of customers inside so it’s a long wait to get in. Some don’t limit and people don’t social distance inside due to the small spaces and aisles. But overall it really feels like nothing much as changed. The first MCO was really strict so often when going out to buy stuff it was very quiet on the roads and in the shops. Now there’s traffic jam at the usual rush hour, but parking spots at certain shophouses are slightly easier to get due to people working from home.