[Mini Review] Toshiba Digital Rice Cooker (honatsukama series)

Nothing says old adulting like getting excited over a new rice cooker.

Replaced my old rice cooker with a Toshiba 1.0L digital rice cooker. Bought it on Shopee for RM165. So was it worth it?


There are two versions, 1.0L and 1.8L. Mine is the 1.0L which can cook 5 cups of white rice, which is more than enough for a couple or a small family. Hubs and I usually eat around 2 cups of rice for dinner.

Honatsukama 本厚釜 pot

Honestly, I have to admit that what sold me on this rice cooker over all the others was the non-stick honatsukama pot. It just looked cool. LOL. Also the rice cooker itself looked aesthetic.


Comes with basic accessories: Rice scoop, porridge scoop, 180ml measuring cup (1 cup of rice), plastic steam basket.



I don’t know how else to explain how much of a difference the non-stick pot makes. My old rice cooker was a PAIN IN THE ASS TO CLEAN. I had to soak it overnight to loosen up all the rice that was stuck in the pot, and then scrub off all the residue. The rice would often burn slightly as well. Imagine doing this every day. Hated it. Also feels like a lot of rice is wasted because it’s all stuck to the pot.

With this new rice cooker, cleaning is a breeze and now I don’t dread it anymore. Wish I switched earlier instead of worry about the expense. If you cook rice everyday, it’s totally worth the investment.

The rice cooker beeps a few times when done and switches to keep warm mode. The wire cable is located on the right side. The lid doesn’t feel flimsy at all when opened.


  • Non-stick pot 💕
  • Rice is fluffy, cooks evenly with no burnt spots
  • Auto switches to keep warm and has a timer to tell you how long it’s been kept warm (most traditional rice cookers have the auto keep warm function as well, I just like additional timer)
  • Lots of different menu functions
  • Price is reasonable compared to other brands
  • Looks pretty on my counter top (all about the aesthetics)


  • White rice takes 50mins to cook wtf. That’s really long compared to traditional rice cookers. Thankfully there’s a quick cook option which cuts it down to 30mins.
  • Additional care needed to clean the steam vent after each use (I just do a quick rinse and leave to dry)
  • Steam basket is plastic and feels cheap

Toshiba 1.0L Digital Rice Cooker (RC-10DH1NMY)

Official page: http://toshiba.com.my/small-home-appliances/rc-10dh1nmy.html

Price range: RM165 for the 1.0L and around RM185 for the 1.8L