[Mini Review] Predator x OSIM Gaming Chair

Back in September hubs pre-ordered a gaming massage chair from OSIM. I think OSIM has another gaming massage chair called uThrone Gaming Chair but the particular one we bought is the Predator x OSIM version. It’s the first gaming massage chair in the world.

We bought it for RM2399 pre-launch pre-order price (n/p: RM4899) and it came with a free uVision 3 Eye Massager (Gamer Series) worth RM388. Shipping was free and it was estimated to arrive end of Oct. We received it early Nov. I think it’s currently selling for RM2699 till end of Nov. Most gaming chairs can get pretty expensive, what more one that has massage functions. This is a mini review and our experience with this chair. I think there are other websites that have a more comprehensive review.

The box is HUGE!

The box it ships in is pretty huge and heavy. Thankfully the delivery guys helped to move the box up to my condo.

Self-assembly required…

And yes, we had to assemble it ourselves…. there’s no option to have it pre-assembled. The chair came with assembly instructions and a quick start guide.

Assembly guide
Quick Start Guide
Control Panel guide

Assembly took a bit of effort. The instructions were not difficult to follow, but I think the step 3 picture was taken wrongly as it shows the two metal plates facing upwards when you slide the backrest in. In reality, the two metal plates should be pushed to the back before sliding the backrest in. Also it was tricky to get the metal plates aligned with the backrest. They provide an big L shaped allen key and it’s pretty straightforward to figure out which screws to use. Also had to be sure the connector between the backrest and seat is pushed outside as we needed to connect them later.

Finished product!

It comes in an all black version as well for a more discreet executive chair look but we quite liked the blue trimmings.

The headrest is not fixed to the chair. It just slips into a strip and is adjustable that way.

The lumbar cushion has a band as well which we don’t know what for as there’s nothing to “hook” it to anyway. It’s pretty thick and I think hubs finds it more comfortable sitting on the chair without it.

The controller is hidden in the right armrest. Just slide it back to reveal the controller.

Overall impressions

Overall we find the build quality nice. It only comes in a PVC material, there’s no fabric option. It feels comfortable and fits hubs’ height 6’1″ and mine too 5’1″ as the shoulders position can be adjusted.

The massaging is quite powerful and can be painful at times, particularly when reclining. Personally I prefer the 3rd auto program (combination of neck, shoulder, lumbar) but the manual spot massager is also nice if you just want to focus on a specific area. My personal preference is to use the kneading function over the tapping one. When fully reclined, we realized it would be nice to have some sort of stool to support our legs.

The size is perfect since we stay in a condo and definitely don’t have the space for a full size proper massage chair. This is a nice simpler alternative and has dual purposes so it won’t just be sitting in one corner taking up space.

The Bluetooth speakers pair easily with the laptop and handphone. Just turn on the chair and search for Bluetooth devices. So it’s really nice to turn on my Spotify playlist and relax. The speakers are located near the headrest and with a song playing you hardly hear the massaging sounds. Speaking of which, it’s nice that the massaging doesn’t sound very loud. Here’s a short video demo where you can hear the sound/noise level it makes.

Things we don’t really like about it

The headrest, although great that it is adjustable to different heights, keeps moving around during the massage especially when the rollers move up towards your neck area and “pushes” the headrest up. So it does get pretty annoying. Perhaps we just need to get used to it but I’m already wondering if I should add velcro to it to keep it in place.

Having the cable connection on a gaming chair is tricky as you have to be very careful when rolling or spinning around in the chair. By default we leave it unplugged and only plug in when we want to use the massage function.

Self-assembly can get tricky. The most difficulty we had was trying to align the screw holes properly. That took both of us pushing and pulling the pieces to align the holes so if you’re doing it alone you may struggle a little bit.

The lumbar cushion is a bit too thick for my hubs’ comfort when sitting on the chair. Of course this is really personal preference. The lumbar cushion is memory foam and feels really nice but a bit too thick for his size while it’s fine for me.

Side note

The uVision 3 eye massager… I did not like. haha. The “massage” function is via vibrations which makes my nose really itchy. There are 4 massage programs and the only one I like is the last one.. just warmth and no vibrations. That I like because it feels like putting a warm pack on your eyes so it feels soothing. It’s pretty cool that it’s like a visor so you can look at your phone/ PC while using it.

Predator x OSIM Gaming Chair
RM2699 (current promo till end of Nov), Normal price RM4899
Available for pre-order on OSIM’s website: https://www.osim.com.my/uthrone-gaming-chair-my.html

*Update* Last I checked the OSIM Malaysia website, it seems the predator model is no longer available but they have the uThrone model and another limited edition model on the site. You can check it out here: https://www.osim.com.my/product/category/Gaming-Series/uThrone-Gaming-Massage-Chair