List of part time online jobs/ side incomes that are worth trying

Here’s a list of online part time jobs I have tried this year (2019) that I think are worth doing for a bit of extra side income. Most importantly, the ones I share here are those that I have received payment from so I consider them legit. In the US, this is more commonly known as “beer money” which is slang for a small amount of disposable income enough for some beer (or other fun stuff) but not enough to pay your bills with.

In Malaysia it’s more commonly known as work from home part time jobs and the most common used to be data entry jobs. Now with the digital gig economy, there’s a bit more variety in the types of jobs you can do at home on your computer.

The list I’m sharing here are what works for those in Malaysia (by extension perhaps South East Asia), but majority of these work globally. Usually a lot of “beer money” sites work best for those in the US. Followed by those in UK/ Canada/ Australia/ Europe. Unfortunately that’s just how it is. I’ve seen people report doing “beer money” full time and earning up to USD3000 a month.

There are a few typical categories when it comes to these beer money sites:

  1. GPT (Get Paid To)/ Offerwall Sites: Platforms that have offerwalls where you earn money by watching videos, completing surveys, installing mobile apps, etc.
  2. Gig jobs/ Microtasks Sites: Basically websites that have micro tasks / projects where you get paid when you complete a task.
  3. Survey: This is probably the most common and has been around for a long time. You get paid to fill up surveys.
  4. Passive Income: True passive income has to be done differently (stock/ unit trust investments, property, etc where you put in a lot of effort at the beginning and then enjoy the benefits later with minimal work). But for beermoney it’s usually something like selling unused bandwidth, or selling artwork on print-on-demand platforms.
  5. User testing: Get paid to test out websites, mobile apps, etc. Often pays quite well but not many opportunities for Malaysians.

For now, I will focus on my recommended GPT, microtask and Survey sites which I have tried and received payment from. I will update this post if I get paid from other forms of beermoney sites.

Get Paid To (GPT)/ OFFERWALL Websites:


Referral link: (Get USD1.00 when you sign up) focuses on high-paying survey routers, gaming offers, and has since added a lot of offerwalls. You earn coins by completing offers. The conversion is 100 coins to 1 USD. For GG2U, I basically focused on doing surveys and mobile app downloads. I find that perhaps because of region, we don’t get really great offers (compared to the US). What works for me are free mobile apps that you can download, install, and open or play till a certain level to earn coins. It credits the coins pretty fast (max 10mins?) and I never had any offers that did not credit the coins to me. There are other similar websites around but GG2U offers pretty competitive rates for the same tasks. You will notice the same offer walls in other websites with the same tasks, you can always compare which one pays more.

NOTE: My personal advice is… DO NOT DO THE QUIZZES. I find them to be not worth your time at all. It’s like 40 questions with loads of ads in between and for some of them if you get 1 wrong you don’t get any coins at all. Stick to the surveys and free mobile app downloads.

USD 7.00 is the minimum to request a payout to either your PayPal account (no fee) or to your Bitcoin wallet at Coinbase (3% fee). I expected to wait awhile since they mentioned the payout will be done in batches but I guess I requested at the right time because I received it within a few hours.

Total I earned on GG2U: USD 8.71

Proof of payment:


UPDATE (March 2020): They apparently have had a fall out with Paypal (have been banned or something).. so only crypto options now. I don’t personally recommend this website anymore. I’m leaving it up just for info and have removed my referral link. was the GPT site I used before They have since removed Paypal as an option, with only Cryptocurrency and gift cards as payout options. So I have stopped doing tasks here. If Cryptocurrency is ok with you, you can sign up using my referral link and get 100 coins. Edit: They’ve added back Paypal!

I actually did enjoy doing the offer wall tasks on, the coins came in almost instantly with an addictive “ka-ching!” sound effect. Minimum cash out is only USD0.01 to paypal (not anymore) and other withdraw methods depends on chosen cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin minimum cash out is 5000 coins (USD5), whilst ethereum is 1000 coins (USD1).)

Edit: Now that they’ve added Paypal option back,’s advantage is the minimum payout of only USD0.01, even though the offers are a little lower than GG2U.

Total I earned on USD 16.09

Proof of payment:

Gig jobs / Microtasks Websites:


Sign up here:
Note: You will need a Gmail account to access the workplace platform

Supahands is a platform where you earn money by joining projects with specific tasks. Think of it as a “gig economy” type platform where you work with a group of “SupaAgents” on a project. Types of projects include content moderation, data management, image annotation, data tagging.

After signing up, you have to complete a 30 minute test before getting accepted as an official “SupaAgent”. Sounds scary but it’s really not that hard to pass. Just be sure to read the instructions very carefully. It gives you an overall idea of the kinds of tasks you may be doing. After you complete that and get accepted, you then can do various skill tests to unlock different projects you can apply to.

Payment is done on a monthly basis as long as you earned the minimum RM20. Otherwise it’s rolled over to the next month. Payment is deposited to your preferred local bank account on the 15th working day of the month.

I’ve worked on 3 projects over a span of 4 months. And personally, I feel this website is more suited to stay at home moms, or people with more free time during the day. Even though they say it’s flexible working hours, it really depends on the project and your project manager. Since I have a full time job, I can only work on tasks at night or over the weekends and sometimes by the time I can work on it there are no more tasks available.

Payment per task I have worked on was around RM0.01 per completed task to RM0.20 depending on the complexity. I opted out of one particular project after doing 2 batches of tasks because I felt it was not worth my time. The project sounded simple enough during the brief and tutorial, but ended up being a lot harder. It was like a zoom in and search every pixel of the image type thing with a very strict accuracy rating, and supaagents were frequently kicked out of the project for below 95% accuracy (understandable that the client had strict requirements, but still stressful when they post up the accuracy rating after each batch of tasks). So I personally felt that the stress of the project, and amount of time spent per task was not worth the very low pay (RM0.01 per task).

The URL scrapping projects I did was better. The objectives were clearer and it was less stressful to complete. If you made a mistake you can ask your project manager to return the task to you.

Also, you do get rated for conduct, commitment, accuracy, and speed. So it’s not as leisurely as they make it out to be. Some projects have very tight deadlines and if it so happens that you are busy with your day job during that period, you won’t be able to complete as many tasks thus affecting your ratings. Low ratings = harder to get projects.

The other downside is that it may take months before you get accepted to a project. New projects are announced in the workplace platform and in Slack (the communication platform used by Supahands). You then request to join the project and wait to see if you get accepted. Once you get accepted, there’s usually a brief on what to do and sometimes a test to ensure you’re able to complete the tasks accurately. Also, a personal tip: Always join the slack channel for your project before starting any tasks as the project manager may have some additional criteria (eg. complete 1 task for QC purposes before proceeding).

Overall, still highly recommended for stay at home moms / dads and for those with flexible working schedules.

Total earned from Supahands: RM87.18

Proof of payment:


Sign up here:

Neevo Definedcrowd is like Supahands but without a project manager and pays in USD.

You get invited via email to join projects. Usually you get a one page instruction and then you can proceed to complete the tasks. As Neevo Definedcrowd’s focus is on AI related tasks, the tasks range from recording audio, validating audio, image annotation etc.

The downside is there’s no communication platform so you can’t ask questions if you’re not sure. Also while the time is a lot more flexible compared to Supahands, the tasks are also limited. You can continue your work anytime as long as there are still tasks available. There’s no payment schedule, so it’s hard to tell when you get paid.

I’ve done some audio validation tasks and image tagging tasks. Overall I find the work much less stressful and a lot simpler. The workplace interface is also easy to navigate and very clean. They do insert quality control tasks as part of the tasks you receive to ensure that you are doing a proper job. You only get paid for tasks you completed properly, but at least it’s in USD and on average the rate is around USD6 – USD8 per hour.

Total earned on Neevo Definedcrowd: USD 29.49

Proof of payment:

Survey Sites:


Referral link:

Toluna Influencers is quite a straightforward survey site. The Malaysian site is available in two languages (BM & English), and I believe they have global sites as well. You earn points by completing surveys or participating in polls. Once you accumulate enough points, you can opt to convert your points into rewards. Just filling up your profile will already start you off with a few hundred points, and surveys can give you 50 to 4000 points. I found most of the surveys to be around 10-20 minutes long. Of course there are screening questions and you may get disqualified from the survey if you don’t fit their target respondent.

Cash out/ Reward options for Malaysians:
1. Paypal RM20
2. AirAsia 250 BIG Points
3. Giant Shopping Voucher RM20
4. AEON Shopping Voucher RM20

I accumulated enough points to cash out via Paypal since most of my beer money sites pay me through Paypal. I requested the payment on the 29th of April 2019 and received it in my Paypal account on the 17th of May 2019.

Total earned on Toluna: RM20 (USD 4.82)

Proof of payment: