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Kalimba Tabs, Resources / Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Learning to play the Kalimba as someone with no musical sense. LOL. I consider this a #PersonalGrowth project/hobby and am just using this post to compile and share a list of resources I use while learning how to play the Kalimba. 🙂

I bought a 17 key Kalimba (brandless) online for less than RM100. It’s not professional obviously but good enough for learning. 🙂

Learning Resources:

Sources of FREE Kalimba tabs:

♥️ April Yang ♥️
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV0A2VeScCoxiMhsA2kiIKw
Go to the Community tab of her YouTube channel to get some printable Kalimba tabs. April Yang also has 4 basic lessons on her YouTube page, she has 2 more video lessons in her WeChat page but without English subtitles.

I enjoy watching all her Kalimba videos, it’s a nice way to de-stress. 🙂

Her collection of Kalimba tabs are available via her WeChat group page.
WeChat: 拇指琴圈 (Mǔ zhǐ qín quān)

How to navigate WeChat for non-Chinese speakers:
1. Download and open the WeChat app. I believe you will have to set up an account (it’s in English, don’t worry), then you can search for 拇指琴圈 (Mǔ zhǐ qín quān)
2. Find the official page and “follow”
3. Menu is at the bottom, first button are for all the Kalimba tabs, second button for lessons (all in Chinese, no subtitles), third button is to go to her shop on TaoBao to buy a Kalimba.
She has a few types available in the list:
簡谱 Jiǎn pǔ – Notation style (the one with numbers)
专用谱 Zhuān yòng pǔ – Kalimba Tablature (the vertical one with notes)
弹唱谱 Tán chàng pǔ – I believe these are melody only music sheets? Reminds me of guitar music sheets with the keys written above the lyrics.
4. Click on the one you want, it will bring you to a separate page. Scroll down until you see the Tab or Music Sheet. Click on it, press and hold for the menu to pop up. You should see a “save image” button.
**I’ve added a gallery below with each step to help you navigate the WeChat group page. Kindly note that I use an iPhone so if you’re on Android it might be slightly different.

♥️ L C ♥️
YouTube Channel:
Kalimba tabs of songs suitable for Kalimba beginners. L C shares a google drive where you can download the tabs for free.

♥️ qoopkk 22 ♥️
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/0TVz/videos
Naver blog to get the printable Kalimba tabs: https://m.blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=ssrwaikr_

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