It’s over 9000! Full lockdown beginning 1st June 2021

Holy crap our daily numbers have went past 9000 on the 29th of May 2021.

Hence the National Security Council has announced that we will be doing into a full lockdown beginning 1st of June 2021 till 14th June 2021.

The number of daily cases had been steadily increasing and currently (31st May) the daily cases are currently at 6.8k.



On a more positive note, our vaccination numbers are slowly growing and the recent AstraZeneca opt-in booking saw an overwhelming response (especially from the younger adults) that AZ is now back on the national vaccine initiative.

The booking for AZ vaccinations was really frustrating as the website has so many errors when they opened it up for those under 60 years old. First it was delayed for 15mins from the initially announced time of 12noon, then you couldn’t click on the button to choose your state, and when you finally got to the timeslots you couldn’t click confirm or it would say that bookings were full. My brother and I were on different computers and different browsers trying to get a slot. Thankfully he finally managed to get a slot just before registrations closed.. but he couldn’t remember which date because he was just trying every single date haha. He got the confirmation notification from his MySejahtera app 24 hours later. As a side note I love the hashtag #CucukMyAZ to encourage people to get their shots. Cucuk(Poke) My AZ (Ass).

Twitter had plenty of responses from frustrated people wondering what’s wrong with the website.

Here’s hoping the lockdown helps bring down the number of cases as our ICUs are already at full capacity. And hoping for some sort of financial assistance for those who will be badly affected by this lockdown.