[How to] Apply credit card online through CIMB Clicks

Am putting this up because I was a bit annoyed at the online credit card application system by CIMB, customer service wasn’t able to help, and there’s not much info online.

Note: This is AFTER applying for the card via CIMB Clicks.

To apply for a credit card via CIMB Clicks, you log in > go to “Apply & Invest” > Look for Credit Card and click “Apply”

The process at that point is quite straightforward:

  1. Declare that you are not a Resident, Green Card Holder, or Citizen of the United States of America or its territories.
  2. Select the card you want (on the right side there is a tiny circle you click to select)
  3. Click apply now and proceed to fill in your details

Once that is done, it will go to a application submitted page and as a final step, ask you to upload your supporting documents. This is the part that was confusing as heck to me… the system does not tell you if the process is done successfully or not after you add your files and click upload.

The first time I tried, I did not know where to click after uploading my files and just logged out.

I then received an sms the next day saying my application is incomplete, asking me to go back into CIMB Clicks to complete it. The directions are stupid btw because if you follow it, clicking on apply for credit card again will just bring you to a page that says “Thank you for your interest in applying for CIMB Bank Credit Card. We regret to inform that we are unable to accommodate your application at the moment. You may signing up for a Lazada Account. Thanks.” I called up customer service and they told me it’s processing already just wait for approval. Ok, great, maybe it’s ok…

A day after that, I checked via CIMB’s Credit Card Status Checker and it showed the application was cancelled. (What?!?!?!?!) Once the status is cancelled you can then re-enter the credit card application page.

So I tried applying the second time, did the whole thing the same way and called up customer service. They said the first one was cancelled automatically by the system (some error or something). My current application is ok, please wait for approval.. same thing as the previous application.

This time here’s what I did, can’t guarantee it will work for you but it worked for me even though I’m still confused about the whole process:

20th July 2020
(After applying the 2nd time) Went back in CIMB Clicks > Apply & Invest > Application Status > Credit Card/CashLite Application Status (FYI I dunno why but it took me a while to realize this option was there.. )

You will see your application reference number and status. Notice the first one that was cancelled shows “NA” under the documents. Second one has a document icon, application status shows “approvable”. Click on the reference no. of your application.

After clicking on the reference no., you will see this page below… with no documents attached… even though I already attached the supporting documents during the application process.

I went ahead and re-added my files. FYI, you click “add file” multiple times to add multiple files. Don’t click upload until all files are added. Once you hit upload, you should see the following screen showing the document has been successfully uploaded.

After re-uploading my documents, I clicked to my accounts and back to this reference link and the documents disappeared. So it’s really hard to tell if the documents were properly uploaded or not. Sigh. I logged out anyway and this was the logout summary showing the credit card full application was done.

21st July 2020
I received the same SMS again as the first time, telling me my application is incomplete. At this point I gave up and was planning to go to the bank when I’m free to just apply for the card in person.

23rd July 2020
Received an SMS stating my application was approved. Was pleasantly surprised. So I anticipated receiving my card in a week or two as customer service had previously told me this.

24th July 2020
Received an SMS that my Credit Card was on its way together with the tracking number for Citylink. I checked on Citylink website and it was already delivered to my address that morning! So went to my mailbox to retrieve it. Really surprised that it was approved so quickly and sent immediately. (As a side note, during the application process I filled in a different new mailing address from what is recorded in the system for my account. The credit card was sent to the address recorded in the system instead of the new address.)

Also, interestingly in CIMB Clicks the application status is noted as CANCELLED and “NA” under documents. So yeah, not the best online credit card application system.

Well, at least I managed to successfully get my new credit card. Hope this helps those who are confused as heck by the system as well.