Here we go again… MCO 2.0 (13 Jan – 26 Jan 2021)


Rumors had already been swirling around ever since we hit 3k+ daily cases. The number of new cases every day has been consistently 4 digits with Klang Valley recording about 1k+ cases per day. Last Friday they revealed that an announcement would be made on Monday (11th Jan 2021) which led many to believe the gov would implement MCO again. Quarantine centers are getting filled up, Sg. Buloh hospital (one of the main COVID-19 gov hospital) is already at max capacity, saw news that Melaka Hospital is also at max capacity.

So now the Federal Territories & 5 states are going back into lockdown. Based on PM’s announcement, restrictions include no dine-in, only 2 per household are able to go buy necessities within a 10km radius, nationwide no interstate travel, MCO states no interdistrict travel, ban on all gatherings (weddings, meetings, seminars, courses, group sports, etc), only 5 essential economic sectors allowed to operate during MCO… still waiting for more details to be published.

7th Jan 2021, the day we hit a record high of 3027 daily new cases.
Daily cases as of 11th Jan 2021, 2232 new cases

Stay strong Malaysians! #KitaJagaKita