Fully vaccinated!

Happy to say I’ve gotten my 2nd dose and am now fully vaccinated. 🙂 Did a little illustration to commemorate the occasion. Had no side effects from my 2nd dose of Sinovac, only a sore arm that was back to normal the next day.

vaccinated illustration

The experience this time was slightly different. When I arrived they sorted us into two separate groups: 1st dose & 2nd dose. Those getting their first dose were given a green slip, while I got a yellow slip since it was my 2nd dose.

Inside the stadium we were asked to sit in separate sections (Dose 1 / Dose 2) to wait for our turn to enter the tent. Those getting their 2nd dose get to skip the 3rd station (consultation with the doctor). It was a bit warm waiting there although my appointment was at 9am, but they had some stand fans around to cool down the area. Waited about 10mins-ish before we were called to go in row by row. I think they were alternating between 1st dose and 2nd dose crowds. Also there were definitely way more people than my first visit.

Once inside the tent I was given a waiting number as usual and was quickly called to register at the counter. I just had to scan the QR code, give my ic number, and then was asked to go to the far right and follow the arrow straight to the 4th station for vaccination.

The wait at the 4th station was pretty fast. It was the same experience as before. So I took a video while getting my jab, took a pic of the vaccination batch number, updated the QR thingy in MySejahtera and went on my way to the last station. As with the previous experience, I was asked to place my yellow slip, number, and vaccination card in the red basket at counter 84. Then I waited quite long for my number to be called to get my card back. Previously it was faster and I had to continue waiting in observation before I could leave. This time I could leave right after getting my card. haha.

8.55am waited inside stadium with the 2nd Dose group
9.10am enter the tent and got my number
9.12am registered
9.16am got my vaccination
9.40am got my vaccination card and left the tent.

Overall it was still pretty efficient, just with slightly longer waiting time due to the larger crowd now that it was a mix of 1st dose and 2nd dose appointments. A few hours later my MySejahtera app was updated with my COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate. Took a screen capture of it for safe keeping. 🙂

Even though I’m fully vaccinated, I’m still being very careful… I’ve started sanitizing all my parcels, double masking when I’m out, only going out for groceries, not meeting with family, etc. With our daily cases at 17k it’s pretty terrifying. More and more of us are starting to hear of friends testing positive and some even at hospitalized as they are stage 4. My vaccination will help prevent me from needing hospitalization if I ever get Covid but I’m more fearful of being asymptomatic and spreading it to others who may not yet be able to get the vaccination or are immunocompromised. On the positive side, our vaccination numbers are looking good so hopefully the daily cases will come down soon.