Full page screenshot without extensions (using Google Chrome browser)

I often have to take full page screenshots of websites due to my work and I used to do this by installing an extension add-on to my browser. It worked great but sometimes the extension gets removed and I have to find another one.

Today I found this website that taught me how to take full page screenshots without needing any add-on extensions! And it’s so simple to do.

Original article/tutorial here: https://hackernoon.com/how-to-take-full-page-screenshots-in-chrome-without-extensions-be2f0cf36df1

Noting this in my blog as a “Life Hack” so that I’ll always remember how to do this. 🙂

The steps with my own explanation (LOL, written in layman terms ok) are:

  1. On the website you want to screenshot, hold down “CTRL + SHIFT + i” on the keyboard
  2. A frame/panel (?) will pop up to the side of the website with lots of codes/script, you can resize it smaller so that the website displays correctly
  3. Now hold down “CTRL + SHIFT + p”
  4. A menu that looks like a search bar will appear at the top of the frame with a drop down box of different options
  5. Type in “capture full” to the search bar and you should see one option appear called “Capture Full Size Screenshot”
  6. Click on that and automatically it will take a full page screenshot and download it to your computer as a .png file
  7. Once you’re done you can just click on the “X” at the top of the frame to close the panel. Or just press “CTRL + SHIFT + i” again to close it.

Once you’ve successfully done it, you just need to remember this:

  1. CTRL + SHIFT + i
  2. CTRL + SHIFT + p
  3. Type “capture full” (works with just the keyword “full” also)
  4. Click on “Capture Full Size Screenshot”
  5. Wait for download to complete, repeat step 1 to close, DONE!

Thank you thank you hackernoon.com for this! Happy to learn something new and useful 🙂

Some screenshots of the steps above:

The frame (highlighted in red) is what appears when you press CTRL + SHIFT+ i
search bar menu thingy that appears at the top of the frame after pressing CTRL + SHIFT +p (see top right of image)
Type “capture full” in the search bar and you’ll see the “Capture full size screenshot” option appear. Click on it and it will do it’s thing! 🙂
Sample of the .png file it downloaded! Full page screenshot of my blog 🙂

Post’s featured image: Texture photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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