Cleaning a burnt stainless steel pan (Oopsie)

before and after cleaning a stainless steel pan

Didn’t season my stainless steel pan properly….. so I burnt it while making an omelette. heh.

Normally if I have anything stuck on a stainless steel pan or pot, I just “deglaze” it by pouring water in and boiling the water.

But the eggs were really burnt and scorched into the bottom of the stainless steel pan I used. So water alone was not enough.

I added vinegar to the water and it worked (phew)! I didn’t really follow any particular ratio, it was probably like 80% water, 20% white vinegar? The before and after results can be seen below.

before and after cleaning a stainless steel pan
Before and After!

I tried boiling only water first but it didn’t really work. So I added in white vinegar.

burnt stainless steel pan bottom
Yeahhhh the “chao da” bits were pretty well stuck
boiling water with vinegar

Bring to a boil… After a few minutes of boiling I started trying to dislodge and scrap the burnt bits off with a spatula..

using a spatula to scrap the burnt bits

After a few minutes of doing that, I poured everything out into a sink (careful, it’s very hot and the vinegar vapors smell awful). What was left was just a bit more black burnt spots on the pan which was easily removed with the rough side of a sponge.

Effortless and no hard scrubbing needed
cleaned stainless steel
The final result is damn satisfying 🙂