8 Easy beginner leather craft projects made from remnant/scrap leather

Documenting all the small leather goods and accessories I made from using the remnant/scrap leather bought in this post. I’ve included tutorial links as well for some of the projects. These are mostly the simplest types of projects because I don’t have much experience working with leather and crafting small leather goods. So these were really good practice projects and I mostly made stuff that I knew I would use.

List of projects, click to jump to that project:

  1. Cable Tie/ Holder/ Wraps
  2. Triangle coin pouch
  3. Key Chain
  4. Envelope Cash / Coin / Card Wallet/ Pouch (no sew)
  5. Sunglasses sleeve (No sew)
  6. Lens cap holder
  7. Sewing Awl Sheath / Cover
  8. Apple Pencil Sleeve

#1 Cable Tie / Holder / Wraps

I think this is one of the most simple and basic leather projects for beginners. My mom liked it so much that she asked me to make a whole bunch for her, lol. I tested with the suede leather and made 6 for my mom using the firmer leather as I found that it was better than using a soft leather.

I didn’t follow a tutorial but here’s one that looks easy to follow:

Leather cable tie
Leather cable wraps

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#2 Triangle coin pouch

Saw this all over Pinterest and thought it was simple enough to make and didn’t require any sewing (at this stage I had limited tools to work with). Turned out pretty nice but only practical enough to hold a few coins. Might be good to use for keeping jewelry or small items (sim card, bobby pins, etc) while travelling though.

Also if you have some pretty pastel colored leather it could potentially be a nice little bridesmaid gift.

I didn’t use any tutorial (it was simple enough that I drew my own template). But here’s one that is easy to follow but is a much bigger size than what I made:

Triangle leather pouch

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#3 Key chain

Made this just because I saw this (
https://duramfactory.com/collections/key-chain/products/leather-key-chain) on pinterest and thought it was interesting to make a key chain that can be looped onto a bag strap/ belt etc.

Found a tutorial that is very similar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGuo4mzuliQ

Leather key chain

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#4 Envelope Cash / Coin / Card Wallet/ Pouch (no sew)

Also a super popular beginner leather crafting project, with satisfying results. 🙂 I made two from two different templates.


Nvf Nvf:

Leather envelope wallet
Made with the template from Oakmoon
This is bigger and fits up to 8 cards. With less cards it fits cash and coins too.
Card sized leather envelope case
Made with Nvf Nvf’s template. Much smaller than Oakmoon’s template.
Cards that fit in the leather envelope case
Fits up to 4 cards only
leather envelope pouch with earphones
I’ll probably use it to keep my earphones instead of cards.
Different sized leather envelop pouches
Oakmoon’s template on the left, Nvf Nvf’s template on the right. I’d personally use Oakmoon’s as a minimalistic wallet when I’m downsizing and Nvf Nvf as a earphones/ small item pouch.

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#5 Sunglasses sleeve (No sew)

Was trying to figure out what to do with the big piece of suede and decided to make a simple sleeve for my sunnies. Used contact adhesive to glue to edges together and reinforced with rivets.

Modified from this tutorial:

No sew leather sunglasses sleeve
Sunglasses sleeve

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#6 Lens cap holder

This one I made because I needed a better way to keep my lens cap when I’m using my camera. Normally when I’m on holiday I just shove the lens cap into my pants pocket and have on one occasion misplaced it in my backpack.

Looks shabby because I didn’t follow any tutorials and just kind winged it. LOL. It works great and I can hook it onto my camera strap so I’ll never lose it. 🙂 Also this was fun because I had just bought a leather tools set that came with a sewing awl. Sewing leather is challenging, but I think the sewing awl is great for beginners.

Camera lens cover all snug inside
Hooked to the strap so I won’t lose it

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#7 Sewing Awl Sheath / Cover

Speaking of sewing awls, mine didn’t come with a proper casing so I figured I could use some of the leftover leather to make a small sheath / cover for it. Didn’t follow any tutorials, but I think this is very similar:

Leather cover
Terrible stitching, but good practice. LOL
Sewing awl with leather cover

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#8 Apple Pencil sleeve

In a similar vein to the sewing awl sleeve, I realized I could do the same and make a longer one for my Apple Pencil. I’m using the old Apple Pencil so it doesn’t attach via magnet to my iPad. Figured it would be good to have a sleeve to protect the pencil since I tend to just dump it into my black hole of a handbag. This was quick and easy to make once I got a hang of using the sewing awl. The lock stitch is still not the best for soft thin leather (harder to hide the “knot” in between the leather) but at least it works.

Apple Pencil leather sleeve
Snug as a bug in a rug 🙂

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